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The Space

The space is 5m x 5m x 5m, set in the tower of an old church, so it has a great atmosphere and acoustics. Small maybe, but great for intimate performances.

One wall has an arch, the other a fireplace, the 3rd a glass arched window and the 4th has large arched doors. Walls are white with a wooden floor.

At night it’s very moody. But not haunted!


It’s already been used for both the Crouch End Festival (UK’s biggest community arts festival) and the Hornsey Music Festival. Plus filming and corporate events.


Internally it holds up to 25 seated. Seats are supplied.

Externally you can use the gardens to perform to up to 200, the steps makes a great stage.


Sound & Light:  we have a 150 PA system and a T-Bar lighting rack with 4 multi coloured/white LED stage lights available.

Artistic Events

We welcome and encourage creative thinkers to hire the space for their artistic endeavours.


Corporate Hire
With its unique outside architecture and design, St Mary's Tower is the perfect setting for activities such as launch parties, corporate events and film shoots. 

St Mary's Tower is available for hire at a very reasonable price. 


We operate three rates:


  • booking for performers

  • bookings for film & TV

  • bookings for launch or corporate events

Our specialist will be able to answer any questions and advise you on the facilities. 



Please contact us to enquire.

Chris Arnold 07778 056686

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